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Bat Monitoring

The bat monitoring project has kicked off in earnest. For more information, contact Barbara E. Results from Rust Monitoring: in 45 minutes of monitoring: 187 Total Bats id’d. This is the most id’d in any location so far. 90  Big Brown Bat   Eptesicus fuss   2  Eastern Red Bats.  Lasiurus borealis 37. Hoary Bats. Lasiurus cinereus 58  Silver-haired bats  Laisonycteris noctivagans Dates for [Continue]

Winter 2018 Newsletter Released

The winter newsletter has been released and can be found here: Bug_Bytes_Newsletter_Winter_2018 It contains a couple book reviews, articles on Skunk Cabbage and Sandhill Cranes and a great article on the Kestrel and Barn Owl Nestbox Construction project (also included in our annual report).

Summer 2017 Newsletter published

Widow Skimmer (Banshee Reeks)

You can find the latest newsletter here.   Also, don’t forget these important upcoming dates: August 5th – (Vol) LWC Butterfly count August 5th (CE) – Bat Program August 13th – VMN Banshee Reeks picnic August 15h – Application deadline for new class Sept 9th – (Vol) Native plant sale Sept 15-17 – (Lots o’ [Continue]

2016 Annual Meeting – New officers and board

On November 10th, the VMN Banshee Reeks chapter held an annual meeting.  The election results are: President – Barbara Erlandson Vice President – Frank McLaughlin Secretary – Susan Sims Treasurer – Angie Bommersbach Board of Director Members: Dave Cazenas Bill Cour Liz Dennison Allison Gallo Thaissa Klimavicz Thomas Letonja Other Members: Kevin Rose, Chapter Advisor [Continue]