Class Schedule

2024 – 2025 VMN Training Class Schedule

All classes start at 9 AM and held at the education annex at Banshee Reeks unless otherwise noted. Due to weather, health and safety, or unforeseen circumstances a class may need to be rescheduled. Students are responsible to make up any classes missed. Classes will begin in September 2024 through April 2025. 

September 7, 2024: Orientation, History of Virginia Naturalists, Keeping a Journal, followed by Field Work

September 21, 2024: Ecology, followed by Field Work

October 5, 2024: Invertebrate Zoology, followed by Field Work

October 19, 2024: Ichthyology, followed by Field Work

November 2, 2024: Natural Resoure Management and Urban Ecology, followed by Field Work

November 16, 2024: Geology and Soils, followed by Field Work offsite at Balls Bluff

December 7, 2024: Interpretation and Mammalogy – Midterm Handed Out, Bring Journals to Class for Review

January 4, 2025: Weather and Climatology, Biogeography, Risk Management, Lost History of Potomac Marble (CE) – Midterm Due for Turn In

January 25, 2025: Dendrology and Forest Ecology, Taxonomy, followed by Field Work

February 8, 2025: 8 AM START – Ornithology and Bird Walk, Optics

February 22, 2025: Water Ecology and Management, followed by Field Work

March 8, 2025: Herpetology, followed by Field Work

March 22, 2025: Botany, followed by Field Work – Final Handed Out

April 5, 2025: Finals Due for Turn in and Review of Journals – In Class Practicum and Graduation Celebration