Month: April 2016

Virginia Working Landscapes is looking for volunteers

They are working on recruiting citizen scientists for the upcoming field season: POLLINATOR SURVEYS Training includes information on pollinator life history, survey collection protocols in the field, identification of the most common bumble bees and butterflies, and specimen preparation for taxonomic identification. Surveys involve pollinator traps (one trap per site, emptied every 2 weeks) and butterfly [Continue]

Dragonfly resources

Widow Skimmer

          Dragonfly Key – Dragonfly ID – Pond Watch – Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy has a Loudoun county list of dragonflies The best website for Northern Virginia is . Some Facebook groups of interest: Odonata of the eastern United States – Northeast Odonata – Larry Meade has some great pictures (mostly local) –

VMN State Conference Details

The 2016 VMN Statewide Conference and Training will be held August 26-28, 2016 at the Skelton 4-H Educational and Conference Center.  It will be hosted by the Blue Ridge Foothills and Lakes (BRFAL) chapter.  As part of the Statewide Conference, there will be a  Photo Contest. The rules can be found on the conference website at:, click [Continue]

Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas 2

The VA Breeding Bird Atlas 2 is now underway. This is a great way for birding enthusiasts to earn volunteer hours. Please be sure you understand the commitment level and reporting requirements before you sign up. You can learn more by visiting the links listed below and also by viewing the VMN webinar on the [Continue]