Class Schedule

2016-2017 VMN Training Class Schedule

All classes start at 9am and held at the education annex at Banshee Reeks unless otherwise noted.

Due to weather or unforeseen circumstances a class may need to be rescheduled. Students are responsible to make up any classes missed.

9/17/16 Orientation, Intro to VMN, Journaling, American Naturalists, Citizen Science
10/1/16 Taxonomy & Ecology
10/15/16 Dendrology & Forest Ecology
10/29/16 Ichthyology
11/5/16 Invertebrate Zoology
11/19/16 Interpretation & Mammalogy
12/10/16 Geology & Soils (handout midterm & Committee choice)
1/7/17 Weather, Climatology & Biogeography  (midterm & Committee choice due) 1:00 pm Risk Mgmt & VMS Lab at Rust Library
Natural Resource Management & Urban Ecology
2/4/17 CE or Make-up Day
2/25/17 CE 8:00 am Ornithology
12:30 pm Optics CE
3/11/17 Wetlands Ecology
3/25/17 Herpetology
4/8/17 Botany (Hand Out Final Exam)
4/22/17 Make-Up Class if needed OR
Lab Practicum/Graduation (Journals/Final Exams Due)
4/29/17 If 4/22 used as make-up day…
Lab Practicum/Graduation (Journals/Final Exams Due)
Last updated - 6/14/2016