Free Conservation workshop for Loudoun residents – learn to collaborate with hoas

Get inspired on Nov 17th @ 12pm: Make your neighborhood a better home for butterflies and birds!

Butterflies will be back next spring – will your community be ready for them?
Take 30 min. to learn about a free program from the Audubon Naturalist Society (ANS) called “Greening Your Neighborhood”. Made specifically for Loudoun County HOAs and Condo Associations, learn how ANS can help you, residents, and Board members, enhance your community to be even more ecologically sustainable. This FREE program can give you the resources and skills you need to plan and lead a conservation project. ANS will be a resource for you as you complete a project in your community before June 2022 and drive real change right at home.

RVSP for the link:

Bat Monitoring


Kristin Henderson and Frank McLaughlin monitoring bats

The bat monitoring project has kicked off in earnest. For more information, contact Barbara E.

Results from Rust Monitoring:

in 45 minutes of monitoring:
187 Total Bats id’d. This is the most id’d in any location so far.
90  Big Brown Bat   Eptesicus fuss
  2  Eastern Red Bats.  Lasiurus borealis
37. Hoary Bats. Lasiurus cinereus
58  Silver-haired bats  Laisonycteris noctivagans

Dates for monitoring:

6/13 – Wednesday – IWLA Field
6/15 – Friday – Rust Sanctuary Pond
6/17 – Sunday- IWLA Pond
6/20 – IWLA Field
6/22 – Rust Sanctuary Pond
6/24 – IWLA Pond
6/27 – IWLA Field
6/29 – Rust Sanctuary Pond
7/1 – IWLA Pond
7/4 – IWLA Field


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